Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Step to the Side

Today was not the success we had hoped for but we did have a little victory when Elana was able to sit up on the side of the bed for about 5 minutes before the dizziness and nausea forced her to lay back down.  The hope was that she was going to be able to get out of bed and sit in a chair and maybe even use the bathroom on her own.  She didn't reach that goal today but I am hopeful that we are close; maybe tomorrow.

I actually saw a commercial today on CNN international for a Nigerian Bank.  Now I know where all the money is that all those Nigerian businessmen need my help to transfer funds to their Swiss bank accounts.

There was one person who thought it was funny that Elana has to wear a diaper while she is suffering from diarrhea and can't get out of bed.  When we Skyped with Jesse tonight and told him that Mommy has to wear a diaper too, he started cracking up and said "Mommy is not a little boy, that is funny." At least that brought a smile to Elana to face.

Time to get back to Law & Order (even though I have already seen this episode at least 2 times).  Feeling good about tomorrow.


  1. Lancelot,
    You guys made two people laugh. So I SHOULD be responding to those emails, huh?
    That's ok about Elana tho right? She had been ahead of schedule thus far no?? For some reason, I expected her to be in ICU all week. Baby steps, baby steps.
    I hope you took Fern's advice about how to make your bed better on the couch.
    Still praying for strength for both of you! I am amazed by your endurance. All that golf is paying off.
    Much love always, Amy

  2. Today 5 minutes tomorrow 10-- You'll see.."little by little" Thats great that you can skpe with Jesse. What would we do without technology. Elana we keep praying for you and your family.

  3. Elana and Lance, you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. We continue to be encouraged by your "reports" and the hope in our hearts grow with each day. Looking forward to seeing you again.
    Unc Sam and & Sharon

  4. 5 minutes is better than nothing. When I got out of bed today I was a little dizzy, she's been laying down for 12 days, I was only lying down for 7 hours:-). Today will be a better day. As we all are saying, baby steps. This is a one day at a time process and she is doing awesome.

    As for Law and Order- you have seen them all! Remember, I have seen you on the couch in Miami watching the DVR, so you can't fool me:-) What I am glad to hear is that you have found all the money the Nigerians are trying to collect from us in the US. You should write the number down.

    Hoping today moves Elana to a chair and that she has a little more strength. We keep saying thank you to you, bu tonce again, thank you Lance and thank you Abby. We couldn't have done this without you both.

    Lots of love-

  5. Here is hoping for more progress today and some small successes! It is not easy to recover from the Ketamine and the coma. Elana you are doing very well and I am encouraged to read that you are able to laugh at some of the more difficult things about being so weak.
    I am hopeful and will pray that your nausea and dizziness take a hiatus and allow you the chance to feel more like you are moving forward than standing still!
    Lance, keeo watchiing those re runs and looking for the humoourous side of your days there! Thanks for keeping us posted on how things are going.
    Wishing you well from Canada!