Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Losing Track of Time

Elana is still doing OK.  She still has a slight fever and Dr. Cantu has put her on antibiotics.  This is very normal for Coma patients.  For the Coma week, no news is very good news.  You fear hearing from the doctor things like, "this is unusual" or worse, "we have not seen this before".  "Boring & Uneventful" are exactly what we want this week.

I think the Vegas Syndrome has set in.  My mother and I have to keep asking and reminding each other what day it is.  I have never been so exhausted doing absolutely nothing.

Tomorrow marks two milestones.  The first and not so significant is that we will have been here one week. It feels like we have been here a month.  I was on Skype with Jesse yesterday for the first time since we left and he looked like a totally different kid with long hair.  Not easy when he is asking where Mommy is?  I tell him she is "sleeping".  Unfortunately that is something that he is used to because Elana would spend much of the days at home passed out in bed from the drugs and pain.  The reality is that he only knows Elana as someone with a "boo-boo" on her foot.

The second milestone is more remarkable in that tomorrow marks two years to the day from when Elana broke her foot.  Part of me wants to figure out how many of those days were spent in hospitals, doctors offices and traveling for treatments in Philadelphia and Tampa.  I think I am too scared to know the number.  I guess if I was going to figure out how many days were spent with doctors I would also have to figure out all the missed birthday party's, weddings, and other events with family and friends that Elana was forced to miss.

Obviously the social circle shrinks quite a bit when you are going through this.  But there was a special group of friends who continued to try to make plans with us or Elana individually even though they knew that the likelihood of Elana going was slim.  We are eternally grateful to those of you who it was more important to give Elana the hope of looking forward to doing something fun rather than the having the security of firm plans on a precious weekend night.

I want to also extend a special thank you to Lauri & Randy Kassewitz who picked Jesse up the other day to take him to the park to play with their son (and Jesse's good buddy) Jackson.  Then they went out for Pizza.  Of course Jesse came home and threw up all the Pizza but that is S.O.P. for Jesse.  Most guys have to go to college to perfect the boot & rally but Jesse has perfected it at 2 1/2.

Lastly, after we visited with Elana today, my mother and I went up to the 8th floor to visit Jessica & Sarah Stevens.  If you remember from my previous post, Jessica developed RSD after suffering from Lyme disease.  I am being euphemistic when I say, Jessica is in rough shape.  We had a very enjoyable conversation with Jessica and her mother Sarah.  Despite seeing firsthand someone who is suffering from immeasurable pain and has been here in Monterrey for five months, I actually walked out inspired by Jessica's spirit and toughness.

I'm actually watching the Miami Heat play the Boston Celtics right now.  I'm not sure why I bother because the Heat will find a way to blow it somehow at the end of the game.



  1. Two years ago we were surprising her at Tao and walking out of horrible Mexican food joints. But start sightings, Prada, craps winnings, and BEST FRIENDS made up for it.

    "The social circle may shrink, but the heart and willingness of a true friend never does" Amy Riggs 2010

    Just think Lance, we'll be going F O R W A R D from here. Planning more surprises and you guys coming out to show Jesse ASU's campus will be just around the corner. (before you start, ask where there is better golf?)

    I'm so excited every time you post, one day over, one day closer to healing.

    I want to speak to you when you get home, is Jessica ok with sound now? Give my love to Abbs. And please I'm foever indebted to your family.

    With all my love & keep up the good work!!

  2. Lance,
    Thanks for the update. We were at La Gorce last night and many, many people inquired about Elana and her status. Alot of concern, love and prayer going on there.
    With love,

  3. FOund you on my friend ELin Garnder's Facebook page - have started reading your blog. My high school s/heart was in a coma for mos. after a hit and run car accident (he was walking) at N.D - in 1985. He was in terrible shape, leg amputated etc. but those of us who hung in there with and for him recieved the great reward of his awakening and working the long road back. I will pray for Elana and for your strength. You'll look back on these days as the blur they are - but being there and writing about it help..a lot. Sending positve and comforting thoughts and prayers your way. Stay strong.

  4. Lance,
    I know I don't know you but I know Elana through Riggs and she has affected my life more in the last 4 days than most people have over the course of my 40 years. I don't consider myself religious but do have, in my eyes a great relationship with my G*d. I found myself thinking about Elana last night as I was driving home and how your life can change in an instant. I was asking G*d why and really questioning if he can get her through this. There it was!!! The most amazing rainbow I have ever seen. It was remarkable as I looked to my right and left, I could see both ends. It was arching right over me. I felt a wispier in my heart,

    "I took rain and light and created this masterpiece. I can do the same thing in Monterrery! After it is all over, and Elana is home and pain free, every time you see a rainbow think of it as an I TOLD YOU SO... "

    I hope this brings you as much of a sense of peace as it did me!

  5. Wow- 2 milestones and 2 days to go. Trust me- I'm counting... I actually just called her cell phone to hear her voice. I'm glad to hear everything is boring and uneventful- that is good news my friend. Even though your social circle has shrunk, you still have me, like it or not:-) Sending you love and strength and always!

  6. Hey Lance -- Thank you so much for posting these updates - I really am hanging on every word. Wanted to share with you an old proverb -'books and friends should be few, but good' or something like that. Anyhow, I hope you realize that you have many, many good friends who are praying for all of you and eagerly awaiting Elana's return. We love you. Jill