Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Guest Blogging

Since I had never read a blog, let alone written my own blog before this, I had no idea how the "blogosphere" actually worked. I see that a blog can take on a life of its own depending on who reads it. This has allowed an interaction that could not have taken place if I had just sent out mass e-mails. Not to mention, this avoids the inevitable "reply to all" that ultimately clogs everyone's inbox.

One of Elana's close friends (I am withholding her name unless she wants to identify herself) sent me note to post on the blog. Knowing Elana's love of good shoes and good drinks, I thought that this was a perfect post.

I would like to interrupt this blog to give Lance a break. We, as a collective group of friends who love you and Elana, want you to keep going. Take a walk, eat a meal, take a nap.
This is day three of an incredibly long week and we got a few more to go so, stay strong Lance. We love you. Oh, and by the way, I’d like to take a moment here to propose something. I’d like to propose a permanent name change, or an acronym change for “RSD”. Yep. That’s right. I’d like, when all is said and forever DONE, for “RSD” to stand for something else please. My first proposal is as follows (and all followers feel free to jump in with your own suggested change): I propose for "RSD” to not stand for reflex sympathetic dystrophy but instead be the abbreviated way to refer to my cocktail. Really Strong Drink. Yep. That’s right. It’ll work – as I see it, I’d be standing at a bar (with Elana standing next to me in both of her killer Louboutin’s) and we will both order a vodka & soda. And then, picture it with me please, Elana will lean across the bar and say “and make it an RSD!”.
Do I hear any seconds on this motion????!!


  1. Hysterical!! I'm stumped tho, you gotta tell me if it was Inslee or Cara!! This is gonna make me nuts!

  2. but yes, you hear a 2nd, and I bet I can 2nd for KP in AZ as well.

  3. I second the vote and will be wearing my Louboutins as well! Make it a tall! XO

  4. LOVE IT! I think that is the best and should stick, such a fun and postive ring to it, because....when she gets home her
    Symptoms with be
    and we all know she deserves to have the best time ever with her devoted family and friends!

  5. i'm grasping for humor, when she gets out of this it's going to be
    (KP, you hear Roy say that??)

    Love you Lance. Just wanted to let you know you haven't been forgotten!

  6. This is a comment from the "home front" (Jesse's & Otis' place) to let you all know that you are putting a smile on Elana's mom's face as well. I thank you all for your funny alternative meanings for RSD which up to now had only a horrible connotation.

  7. Mered and I have discussed it and we are looking forward to seeing Elana wear her new RED SEXY DRESS !! (Of course with her TWO high heels on)

  8. I love the idea and it's Really Super Duper for Elana to wear her Red Sexy Dress having A Really Big Drink. I will come up with a good one- I got to think about it..----I bet Elana is laughing about this right now.