Friday, February 5, 2010

The End of the Beginning

In about 15 hours from now, Dr. Cantu will begin to bring Elana out of the Coma.  While they stopped giving her ketamine today, they decided to keep her down for one more day (using only propofol) to help soften the "re-entry".

I hope it helps because I have been told to expect some pretty crazy stuff over the next few days.  Apparently, some patients even have temporary memory loss and don't recognize their spouses, children etc.  That will all pass in time.  The key is to just keep her as calm as possible and not let Elana injure herself.

I'm not counting any chickens here, but so far Elana has had a relatively uneventful coma.  I have no idea that that means going forward, or if it has any correlation to the potential success of the coma.  I figure it can't be a bad thing.

I wish there was more I could say or do.  I may have to go offline for a day or two as I will be with Elana around the clock pretty much the rest of the time we are here.  Maybe there will be a chance to give a quick update.  Either way, THERE WILL NOT BE ANY WAY TO DETERMINE THE SUCCESS OF THE COMA UNTIL AFTER WE GET HOME.  While the Coma week is all about getting through safely, Post-Coma is all about nursing back to health so she can travel back to Miami.  We are not even allowed to ask her about her pain.  The reason for this is that she is definitely going to be in pain after the  Coma.  She is going to feel like a train ran over her.  Therefore, we don't want her thinking or confusing the Coma pain with the RSD pain, if the RSD pain has indeed subsided in full or in part.

Remember this is a disorder of the Auto-Nervous system.  The ketamine coma is all about shutting down and re-training the brain.  I guess the best way to think of it is that the pain alarm went off in her body two years ago and never stopped.  Imagine the most painful thing that you have ever endured and then imagine that pain as constant for two years.  Then imagine the pain increasing with each passing month.  That is RSD.  Everyone would always ask me how Elana was doing and was she having a good day.  Unfortunately, the answer for an RSD patient is "There are no good days, only bad days and worse days".  If you can't imagine or fathom it, you are not alone, neither can I.

Lets hope and pray good days lie ahead.

All of your e-mails, voicemails and blog comments helped me get through the week.  I am forever grateful.



  1. Good luck with everything. I'll be crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly. x

  2. I got a link over here from CL's blog. Just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you guys.


  3. Just know that I anxiously await "The Update" everyday. Whatever you can do will be appreciated.
    So happy the healing can begin.

    We love you & NEED updates.

    xox Amy

  4. Lance,

    I pray the next week is uneventful as well. We have one strong cookie on our hands and if anyone can get through this it is Elana.

    You are forever grateful to us, however I hope you know that we are forever grateful to you. You are there to take care of our girl, or as we call her, our baby sister or 3 musketeer. Please keep doing that and we will be there soon to do it with you. Please keep us posted as we will be anxious.

    Sending love and strngth as always.


  5. Hi Lance, It's Robyn again. I just came back from my fifth grade shabbat. I had a speaking part and this is what I said: To love God is to love the world God created and to work to perfect it. To love God is to love dreams of peace and joy that illumine all of us and to bring that vision to life. It was a beautiful thing to say, but that is not what I wanted to write. We said a silent prayer and the Mi Shebeirach for Elana. We spoke her name in Temple as a sick one and prayed for her to get better. xoxo Robyn Ratzan

    p.s. Can I see Elana when you get home. I miss her!

  6. I was sent to your blog from CL's site. How amazingly brave you and your wife are to share her story with the world. I went back and read Elana's blog and all of your entries, and was so moved.

    My wish for you both is that after some time has past, and her healing has begun, that you can look back at this period as one of the speed-bumps of this long road of life, and that you'll soon both share a life that is that much sweeter because you have made it through this part together.

    You've now got strangers sending positive vibes your way, and, by sharing your story, I'm sure you'll be helping others who are fighting this same fight. Good karma is coming your way for sure. :0)

  7. You all continue to be in my thoughts. Sending crazy good vibes!


  8. I found you through CL's blog. Just wanted you to know I'm praying for your dear sweet wife and family. Love Stephanie

  9. Popping in to say I'm praying that today goes well for you all. You're in my thoughts and prayers.


  10. hey lance..
    we are thinking of you guys and praying and hoping that everything will be ok! we know it will be!
    alexis and andrew

  11. I know what it's like--developed fibromyalgia after an unevenful surgery and a full recovery from the condition that caused the surgery. Saying prayers for you. Nobody really understands what it's like to be in pain 24/7 unless they live it.

  12. I hope everything went well, by now they've no doubt started to bring her out of her coma. I'm thinking of you guys, often. x

  13. Lance

    Our thoughts are with your family

    The Massirman's

  14. As you guys move into the next phase, the Nadel family will double up on our prayers and warm wishes. We're thinking about you guys...and hoping you are yet one more step closer to having your lives back again. xxoo, J, G, J&J

  15. As you know, you guys are in the forefront of each thought & action I take. I too wish you BOTH peace and great success this week and the next, and the next, and the next. And Please tell your mom I love her too!
    SO MUCH love,

  16. The candle is still on and has never gone out.. We pray everything gets better. soon..