Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Last Night in Monterrey

After three weeks, we have finally come to the end of our stay in Monterrey.  In many ways it feels like we have been here for three months, but I can still remember the day that Elana started the Coma like it happened three minutes ago.

Elana is still in pain, but that was expected.  First her body will take weeks to recover from the trauma of the Coma.  Second, while it might have been wishful thinking (and I have done a lot of wishing lately), it was not realistic to think that the pain in her foot and shoulder was going to magically disappear.  The pain in her foot is definitely less than it has been at its worst but Elana is still in a lot of pain.  That does not mean the coma was a failure by any means.  What it does mean is that Elana is going to have to exert herself almost beyond tolerance during her water therapy sessions that will begin in approximately one month.  We hope that the water therapy combined with additional ketamine booster infusions over the coming months will continue re-train her brain and foot and further reduce her pain while at the same time increase her mobility.

One thing we know we accomplished was getting Elana of the of the Opioids (Oxycontin, Vicadin & Morphine).  Before the Coma she was taking all of those drugs in ridiculous amounts every day.  After two years, they were no longer helping her, in fact they were actually making her pain worse.  In no uncertain terms she had become addicted to those drugs.  Like anyone who is addicted to pain killers you   continue to take them to help with the pain of not having the drugs.  At a certain point they cease to become useful in treating the initial pain.  Who knows when that train left the station for Elana.  All that matters now is she is no longer taking them.

I know I have said it on several occasions, but it definitely deserves repeating how much I want to thank  all of you who followed and commented on the blog, sent e-mails and text messages of support, and inspired me the whole time I was was here with how much love, caring and appreciation you have for Elana.  I know how great Elana is.  Obviously, that is why I married her in the first place.  However, it never gets old reading how much she means to all of her friends and family as well.

I really have not shared much with Elana about the Blog and the comments.  I want her to go through it when she has built up the required mental and physical strength.  I, along with all of you, have shared this blog experience over the last three weeks.  Elana will become a part of the blog in time.  I am really hoping that seeing Jesse, being home, and thinking positively about the many challenges ahead will help lift Elana's spirit and give her the strength she needs to continue fighting the RSD.  I know that when she reads the blog and all the e-mails she will be inspired to battle beyond what she maybe even believes are her own limitations.

It goes without saying that this will be an experience we will remember for the rest of our lives.  Hopefully because of this experience, the RSD will not define Elana for the rest of her life.  I am not definitely saying that this is the last blog post, but I can not tell you when the next one will be.  
Until the next time.........Thank you and good night.


  1. May you rest peacefully tonight and start anew once home in Miami! Wishing for you both the sweetest dream of a future!!

  2. yes yes yes YES!!!!!!!!!!! I have to go back & read the rest, I just read that your stay was coming to an end. Thank God! Happy Travels.

  3. I had a friend with rsd, one thing that helped her was cool laser treatments, also helped a cousin with ALS. All the best...

  4. As someone with multiple illnesses, some chronic, some not I can guarantee you the illness does not the woman make and Elana is so much more than someone who has/had RSD. She is a wife, a mother, a best friend with the most amazing heart and .... well, I could go on adnauseam about her greatness, just know that WE ALL know that she is much, MUCH, more than this illness.

    Here's to a future without RSD meaning anything other than a REALLY STRONG DRINK, as a wise woman once said.

  5. Love that you are going home. I think seeing Otis and Jesse will be therapeutic as well. I am thrilled to hear she is off all the opioids and we will work together on the treatments and therapies to get her better. Safe travels my friends. I love you!

  6. What a great tribute you have written about your wife, Lance. I know that she will appreciate your love and concern but also your respect for what she is traveling through. You are a good husband and I enjoyed getting to meet you in person.
    Elana, one day I will meet you in person as well. Two survivors sharing our stories. It will happen!
    Stay strong, enjoy the time at home and remember that when the days get hard, there is a whole coma club to talk to. While our personal travels are just that, there is stil much to be shared. I wish you both the biggest successes through the next few years.
    Look forward to hearing from you when you get the chance.

  7. Lance, thanks for keeping us posted the last 3 weeks. I know it's meant a lot to me and I know Elana will be inspired by your blog when she reads it. Welcome back. Let's win this battle.

  8. Please? Let us know how y'all /she is doing?