Saturday, February 13, 2010

Could the End be Near?

Big improvement over night.  Elana did not sleep for long but it was longer than the previous nights.  The diarreah seems to be really calming down.  Same goes for the dizziness and nausea.   She was able to get out of bed almost entirely on her own.  In addition she put on her pajama bottoms this morning.  All very encouraging signs.  The doctor will be here in the next hour or two and I am hopeful that we can put into place a plan for leaving the hospital and going home.

Obviously, the toughest part about going out of town for an extended period of time, as any parent would agree, is being away from their children.  While Skyping has been great, nothing can fill the void of getting a hug from your child or reading a bedtime story.  In addition, there are many father-son interactions that I am missing but hope to make up for when I return.  However, I was incredibly proud to see that Jesse has mastered, on his own the "arm over the shoulder, on the head rest" move when he is driving with a girl in the passenger seat.  Like the pick and roll it is a classic fundamental move that never fails when executed properly.


  1. Lance!!!!
    Such great news! Progress and thensome. I am so happy that you guys are at the planning for coming home stage! Get back here pronto Mr.!!!
    With love,

  2. YESSSS!!!!! Cheers heard 'round the world, from AZ to Miami and Canada to Mexico!! That was so great to read! Can't wait to find out when you guys can go home!!!! Also, happy to see my nephew is a stud and Oma, Poppy & Christina have it "handled" on the home front!! xox Amy

  3. Your strength & support never ceases to amaze us. We continue to pray for Elana's health, and your strength in the support of your family. We're all here for you too.
    Cara Damer

  4. This is awesome. Eagerly await hearing details of your trip home. Tell Elana how psyched we are to hear about her progress. xxoo, Jo & Gregg

  5. Sorry to hear about your mom.. who sound amazing! ITs great news that thing are improving with Elana.. The picture of Jesse is so cute. Alvaro said "HE wonders who he got his moves from?"

  6. FABULOUS NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am loving that we are moving ahead! Today is a new day filled with so many possibilities. I'm excitied for the next update. And go Jesse! Love that he is a stud!
    Sending you love!

  7. Very funny! Thanks for posting the picture. Never too early to start!

    Three cheers for you Elana! Baby steos but huge milestones! How thrilled I am to hear that you oare resting a little easier, managing on your own a little more each day and walkiing in a positive direction. I know that must feel like such a triumph at this moment.

    Happy Valentines Day to both of you. Hope you were able to make plans with Dr. Cantu and you narrow down the specifics at least in theory.

  8. Just wanted to let you and Elana know I am following along with her journey and looking forward to seeing her back in Miami Beach.

    All the best,

  9. That a boy Jesse! That's the move Evan and I taught him over some Shem Tov pizza. So great that Abby has been there to provide such critical and reliable support for you and Elana. And most importantly, happy to hear that Elana is making progress. May each day be better than the last from now until...well, forever. Love, Jake