Tuesday, February 9, 2010


February has turned out to be the both the best and worst month for Elana and me.  Of course, July is a great month too because that is when Jesse was born.  February is the month Elana and I were engaged (2/14/01) & married (2/9/02).  However February is also the month that Elana hurt her foot and developed RSD.  Yet, now the month of February will always include our time here in Monterrey, we which we hope will be a success.  I can take a 3-1 ratio.

If you paused a moment ago to check your calendar, you noticed that today is our 8th wedding anniversary.  There is not going to be any dinner at Prime 112 or a trip to Vegas this year but we will be celebrating it together which, now more than ever, is the most important thing I can think of.  Dr. Cantu may release Elana later today from the ICU and transfer her to a patient room upstairs in the hospital.  That is better than any present I can give because it means we are one step closer to coming home.

Elana is becoming more lucid and her restraints have been removed.  She is continuing to eat soft foods, and drink more and more.  Her voice has improved as well.   Lastly, I want to thank the many people who we don't know who continue to send kind words and warm wishes.  At the same time, it has been nice to read comments and e-mails from friends of mine who I have not seen or spoken to in many years.  I'm sorry that for whatever reason we lost touch, but it felt good to re-connect.


  1. Happy Anniversary - to many many more :)

  2. Dear Lance,
    For the first time since I left you in Mexico I broke down crying upon reading this latest update. My emotions have been so intense that I have been beyond crying, but these tears I shed at the moment are not all reflective of sadness. I think of them as tears of joy because as you so poignantly expressed, you are TOGETHER at this momentous occasion and Elana is progressing positively towards her journey home. This date will now have the distinction of also being the "anniversary" of Elana leaving the ICU which is crucial to her recovery & you are there to do it TOGETHER. The #9 for me just took on an added beautiful connotation & I choose to ignore the one bad event associated with it.
    I am so glad that I was able to wish you over the phone my well wishes for your special day and I know that you will relay them as well to Elana. Give her an extra hug for me.
    I told Jesse this morning this was your anniversary day & he said in his exuberant voice, "Yeah? Daddy & Mommy? I marry Sydney!" I asked him if he was going to buy her a ring & he said no, he would give her his truck which was what he happened to have in his hand at the time.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! and Happy Fabulous Day!!! I am so glad to hear that things are progressing in the right direction. Please keep sending the good news:-) Can't wait until I can hear Elana's voice.

  4. You have been in my prayers since I found your blog through another one... I'm really happy to read that things are going so well. Happy anniversary from West Palm Beach, FL!
    ~ Pati :)

  5. WOW!! Congratulations. I'm with Dabee, I LOVE the direction things are going. I can't wait to SEE you guys. Please give E a hug for me and a pat on the back for yourself :) xox Amy

  6. ps. Time flies......it seems like a minute ago we were in your wedding with the most beautiful bride!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary, and to many more pain free years together! Onward and upward!!

  8. HiLance,

    We have been following your blogs daily. Thank You for keeping us informed. We are so pleased that Elana is one step closer to her recovery and your family is one step closer to having her home pain free. Happy Anniversary!

    Laurie, Mark, Danny and Rebecca Collins

  9. We are wishing you and Elana a Happy Anniversary. We hope each day continues to find Elana improving and one step closer to her recovery. We love you both.

  10. Happy anniversary to the two of you. Can't wait to see you both at home and together. Such an inspiration of a couple!!


  11. Dear Lance and Elana,

    I just discovered your blog and have read it beginning to end. I had heard awhile back that Elana had RSD and know what a torment this must be for you and your family. I have treated patients with RSD before, but none as severe as Elana. I am truly hopeful that this process will provide you both with some relief of the suffering you have been through. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers each and every day. Keep strong.

    Jason James

  12. Happy Anniversary Hellrings! We love and miss you, and are so glad to hear about Elana's progress. Keep up the good work.
    xxoo, The Jezins

  13. Happy Anniversary to you and Elana. May next years anniversary be spent someplace romantic talking about what you had to go through to get to the good!

    I am sending constant prayers for Elana's healing. May things continue to improve!

    A Friend

  14. Happy Anniversary to you both! I am so greatful for every positive turn and step Elana continues to make. Please give her a huge hug from me. I miss her so.
    With love,

  15. happy anniversary!!! so happy to hear that elana is doing better each day!! thinking of you...
    alexis and andrew

  16. I've been following your story since Chicken Little posted it.
    Hoping to hear some good news soon.
    Just thought I'd mention a drug called Suboxone©.
    Its used to ween people off heavy-duty pain-killers & narcotics.
    It has an opiate in it, but does not work like an opiate if that makes any sense.
    Many pain patients are being switched over to it because of addiction/dependence.
    It was used as a painkiller in the UK, in a different form, (Temagisic), for many years.
    I hope that the coma treatment does what it was supposed to do, but it worries me that she has that and the physical addiction/detox to deal with.

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  18. Lance,
    I hope you got my voicemail...I just wanted to let you know that Yentel bas Sara Liba (I hope I got that right...If not I'm sure G-D knew who I was talking about) is in our thoughts and davening...as are you. I cannot tell you, how this medium of the blog has swept me emotionally into your situation. I check daily for updates and I called Larry first thing Monday morning for an insider's-update. I am inspired by your writing which is so indicative of your depth, and the depth of your strength. Chazak! Looking forward to hearing good news.

    Dovey Shapiro

  19. Your anniversary day is shared with my daughter, who turned 18 yesterday! A great day indeed

    Even though this was not the normal way of celebrating an anniversary, I am thinking it will be one of the most memorable. This anniversary marks the beginning of a whole new life to be shared together! My you have many happy years together.

    It was sure great to see you while I was there and thanks, Lance and Abbey for your visits and your assistance.

    Elana, I eagerly watch for news of your progress and wish you all the very best of success. I dearly hope that today is a lower pain day and that you will regain your strength quickly.

    Kathy and I returned to Victoria yesterday morning. The airport in Houston had shut down Monday night due to a bad storm but after several hours in a further away tarmac waiting it out, we did manage to get to Vancouver by 1am. Fog delayed our departure in the morning but we made it! Celebrated the birthday with Elise and the family and very glad to be home with them. Still on Mexico time, though! :)

    The airport in Vancouver was very busy with lots of Olympic people around. Saw several teams, and lots of visitors. The airport was all decked out for it and so it seemed very special. Made me think of how much effort goes in to celebrating one of these and so much more effort goes in to celebrating our new life on the road to being pain free. I think our families and friends celebrate more with us than all the effort put in to staging the Olympics. Isn't that great?!

    Keep smiling, keep striving, and know that we are standing behind you as your cheering section! I know I am paying more attention to your daily blog than I am to this upcoming sporting event. I trust you to win the gold!


  20. Lance,

    Aileen and I have been following the blog and it's pretty amazing stuff. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Elana. We look forward to having both of you home soon.


  21. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many many more pain-free years! With lots of love, Meri and Grant

  22. Miss E & Lance,

    I'm so happy to hear that you're awake!!! Happy Annivesary to you two.

  23. A slightly belated but very warm Anniversary wish to you both...so glad for you that you can enjoy it together. Please give Elana a kiss from us - we're inspired by her daily progress and looking forward to climbing every hill at Baco together soon! xxoo - Jo & Gregg

  24. Happy Anniversary!! Your love has been through many things that most people never have to experience together..This strength will for ever more bless the two of you for a life time ahead filled with happy times. A toast to "Many happy years together!!!!"