Sunday, January 31, 2010

Coma Day

Five minutes ago (10:30 am local time) my mother, Elana's mother & I walked out of the ICU. We had the opportunity to be there with Elana as they were getting her IV started (it took three pokes to get a good vein). I was the last one of us to kiss her before they asked us to leave the ICU. As I was telling her that I love her she started to fall asleep.

Right now they are preparing the feeding tube and ventilator and they will begin administering the ketamine. The doctor told us that unlike what most people envision when they think of someone in a coma, Elana will be moving her arms, legs, head and even her eyes. Because of this they have to restrain her arms and legs to prevent her from ripping out the feeding tube and IV. I don't imagine it will be a very pretty sight to see her in this condition. However, I am comforted knowing that this is road to a better quality of life. Whatever short term pain she and the rest of our family have to suffer through as a result of the coma procedure, will be well worth the potential result.

I'm am in a little bit of a daze right now as I am still internalizing that the next time I see my wife she will be in a coma. Obviously we have been thinking about and preparing for this for a long time but it still has not set in.

I feel like I want to write more, but I am having a hard time finding words right now. Maybe later or tomorrow I can share more.



  1. Lance, We are so grateful for ANYthing you do. Did you read/watch Lindsay Spengler's case? It was very inspiring and was able to offer me some comfort, maybe it can help you too. A candle was lit (catholic thing) in your family's name last night. You are NEVER alone. Love from Arizona.

  2. Lance and Elana--
    I know that God is going to get you through all of this. You have so many good people praying for your recovery..This morning all I could think of was what your family is going through.. We can only offer our support, love and prayers. Lance thank you for the update. Although it is hard for you to write the blog. As you said Elana wanted you to do this. The love that you express for her is so inspiring. We have also lit a candle in Elana's name and it will stay lit until she wakes up.. love Avaro and Vivian

  3. Hey Lance it's Robyn. I hope Elana gets better. Mom,Dad,and Isaac are all thinking of you.These are tough times for you. Stay Strong and we are all praying.

    Love Robyn Ratzan

  4. A man of integrity can show compassion and humility in times of strife and fear. You are a mensch.

    My thoughts are with you all.


  5. Elana and your entire extended family are in my thoughts and prayers. Elana has touched so many people with her beautiful smile, kind heart and beaming spirit. Although I have not seen her in many years, she is still close in my heart. Whatever God you pray to, He is good, and will watch over her. Be well and be strong Lance. Love, Erica in Arizona.

  6. Theo just finished reading your post and for he and I both, it brought back memories. Though very different for each of us! Theo said it was very strange to walk back to the hotel by himself after watching me slip back into unconsciousness. I wonder if it felt as strangely for you?
    I am glad you are keeping the blog. It will be good later to look back and see all that happened as you move through this. I enjoyed hearing Theo read the comments to me after I woke up. I am sure Elana will want to hear from everyone when she is back with us and beginning her road to recovery!

    Get lots of rest, and hang in there.

    See you Tuesday night!

    We will try to call you soon

    Fern & Theo

  7. Even people you don't know(and that don't know you) are pulling for you and your family!Best of luck!

  8. Dear Lance,
    You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly.
    All our love to you and Elana.
    Marjorie and John Tedesco