Wednesday, January 20, 2010

8 days away

As many of you know, Elana is going to Monterrey, Mexico on January 28, 2010 to be a part of clinical trial that calls for her to be in an induced coma for one week. In the past, for Elana's previous treatments, I have sent e-mails out to friends and family with information and updates. However, Elana asked me to create a blog and post the events of our time in Mexico. I am not really sure what is the difference between sending an e-mail out and blog post, but this is what Elana wants, so this is what Elana gets. Since I have never been on facebook or twitter nor have I ever posted a blog before, I feel quite technologically forward as I write this today.

While we know the coma will begin on Sunday January 31st and the Doctor plans on reviving her the following Saturday, there is very little else for certain about the treatment. According to the doctor, after she wakes up from the coma, Elana will need to remain in the ICU for several days until she can eat solid food and respond to commands. Once she gets released from the ICU, Elana will spend the next several days in a regular hospital room, where the doctor will continue to monitor her recovery from the coma. If all goes according to plan, and there are no complications, Elana's total stay in the hospital could be around two weeks. No need to list the potential complications that could extend her time in the hospital.

As we begin another chapter in Elana's battle against RSD, I want to thank all our friends and family who have continued to support Elana and me with your visits, phone calls, e-mails & texts. Every time you reach out to Elana it helps immeasurably. I look forward to sharing good news with you over the next few weeks.



  1. I love you Lance. You take such good care of our girl!

    Remind her, she has a trip to NYC to take when she gets home with her favorite Phoenician.

    Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts!

  2. Lance,
    My heart, prayers, and all conceiveable good thoughts and wishes are with you both. Evan sent me your blog, which from the way you describe yourself technologically is very impressive. I will be watching for wonderful news and results.
    Loads of Love, Hazel